Rank Higher, Sell More with Our Local & Organic SEO Program

Local and Organic SEO is still the cornerstone of a complete digital marketing strategy. Your visibility online is crucial to not only how many visitors you receive, but how a person searching for the products and services you sell views your business compared to your competitors. Higher rankings means more relevance to the searcher which helps to build innate trust and authority as they interact with your company throughout the sales funnel.

In the Search Engine Optimization world, what worked last month is different than what works today. Search Engines continually change what they consider relevant by altering and tweaking their algorithm’s leaving businesses who don’t make changes drop in rankings or off the map altogether. Our job is to follow those changes daily and make the necessary adjustments to your website and online presence to keep up and ultimately improve your rankings.

To do SEO right is difficult and time-consuming but we love the challenge and are always improving our strategies. Your business will benefit with more leads, phone calls and sales by starting your relationship with a prospective customer off on the right foot with Our Custom Local and Organic SEO Strategy.

Your Customers Will Find You

Your online presence will be given a boost with higher rankings and more visibility where it matters most on Google and Bing.

Sales and Leads Will Increase

Win more potential customers by optimizing your website for search and installing conversion tracking which will help gain Google’s trust.

Custom SEO Strategy

Your unique SEO strategy includes targeted keywords, page titles, meta-tags, and URL’s synchronizing all of your campaigns and website for better results.

Local Link Building

We continually place strong, reputable backlinks to your website which are vital for increasing domain authority and higher rankings producing more visitors.

Build Trust and Authority

Strategic link building, useful content, and collecting consistent legitimate reviews are some of the ways we build your online reputation and relevance.

Outshine Your Competitors

Online reputation management is a set of strategies and techniques that will positively influence the online perception of your products, services and ultimately your business.

Content Creation

Your content quality is your strategy’s foundation for gaining customer trust and building SEO clout which leads to more sales.

Local Citation Audit

Essential to SEO, we correct, edit and add your citations (b-name, address, phone) to ensure consistency across hundreds of internet directories.

Working with Traffic Rush is Easy

You have a business to run and customers to take care of so after we spend the initial meeting asking relevant questions and collecting vital information, we handle the legwork from there conducting competitive research and building historical reports.


Schedule a Strategy Call

We analyze your business, current marketing & competition.


Approve the Plan We Create

We present a customized plan of marketing, advertising & sales funnels.


Launch Your Growth Plan

We implement your campaigns and start getting results.

Your Success is Our Mission

Keeping the phones ringing, getting new leads, increasing your customer base are an on-going and time consuming endeavor. If you are a small to medium-sized business, you may not have a dedicated marketing director. And if you do, they are juggling so many different functions and duties, along with trying to keep up with the advances in technology in marketing, that they are most likely overwhelmed and not able to take advantage of the opportunities for getting leads, building market share and cultivating new prospects. There just isn’t enough time in the day.

That’s why it’s crucial and important to partner with specialists in digital marketing to take advantage of the opportunities you may be missing. And we truly think of it as a partnership, we know that your success is what’s important for our success. We track and measure each aspect of the marketing services we customize for you ensuring that you are getting ahead of your competition.


When you partner with us, we won’t work with a direct competitor. Our exclusive promise is born out of our desire to help you beat direct and indirect competitors in the online world.


Working with Traffic Rush Digital Marketing means you know how and where your advertising and marketing dollars are being spent with the networks, services and platforms we work with.

Call Tracking & Reporting

Detailed tracking and reporting is crucial to success in marketing and so we utilize the latest call tracking technology to know what works and to keep costs per lead to a minimum.

Core Services


The design of your custom website begins with your customer in mind and will have conversion tracking built-in to capture potential and prospective leads smoothly.

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PPC (Pay-per-Click) is an integral part of your online presence and will complement and supplement the other facets of a complete digital marketing strategy.

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SEO Search Engine

Local and Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the cornerstone of a complete digital marketing strategy and a crucial component of visibility, website traffic, and driving new sales and leads.

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Online reputation management is a set of strategies and techniques that will positively influence the online perception of your products, services and ultimately your business.

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